About Us

When it comes to digital media, and video content, our company, Vivid Imagination Program is leading the way. With our award winning educators and filmmakers, we aim to help students develop healthier social and emotional skills. Our curriculum is built around lessons that will benefit students when it comes to articulating their stories through digital video media. We are also dedicated to educating young artists by encouraging them to use their amazing talents to endorse the greater social good. As artist professionals in film, media, dance, journalism and education we have established curriculum and programs that are highly helpful for the cultivation and creation of youth media.
Our facilitators also teach different media workshops for youth worldwide. Through guiding and mentoring, students are taught creative ways to properly create video content from beginning up to end. Due to all the different programs we are offering, our students can learn and acquire the needed skills they will use on every film, television production and/or music video set they will contribute to. Aside from that, our company, Vivid Imagination Program also uses theater-based and mixed media prospectus as an effective and fresh approach for us to engage or communicate with our students. We also developed a program that addresses the current situations faced by students in their surroundings.
Vivid Imagination Program doesn’t only aim to awaken the interest and awareness of youth when it comes to current situations in their community, but to also help them develop a close connection to their program facilitators, teachers, school and peers. We also aspire to help students develop leadership skills that they will need in order for them to succeed in their school and especially in the career they pursue.