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We strive to stay ahead of the curve by providing outstanding and satisfying service to our schools and specifically our students. With our program, the ideas and works of students can be heard and appreciated by millions of people around the world.

Here are some of the components we use to engage our students when it comes to creating important dialogue in the classroom and community.

  • Digital Production and Enrichment – We are focused on giving students activities suitable for them to develop their own identity.  Students are encouraged to discuss and process improvements in terms of their academic performance, behavior and health.

  • Digital Content – Our students will have the chance to learn the different techniques used in video creating. Additionally, our students will also have the chance to make their own videos to showcase what they’ve learned during the meetings.

  • The Language of Software and Technology – Our students will learn the vocabulary necessary in conceptualizing and analyzing digital content; making it a lot easier for them to identify and utilize available resources. Aside from that, students will also foster the ability to articulate different concepts for their projects.

Production & Design – Students will be introduced as well as trained on all the operations and components of specialize programing software, sound studio equipment and video cameras particular to their prospective projects. Additionally, our students will learn how to operate specialized software to edit their work.