Leading The Way

Through our services, we aim to help our students develop strong relationships with their facilitators, school, friends and other people around them. Aside from that, our mission is to help young people achieve their own goals be it in school or career.

Our students will also have the chance to learn both the aesthetic and technical fundamentals of digital technology in practical exercises. Our exercises include the directing experience through allocated digital video projects and on-set workshops.

Starting from the beginning of the class, students will learn how to operate using a camera and the proper way of managing video production. Each of our students will also have the chance to learn the proper and required way to write, edit, direct and produce their projects with their colleagues on a variety of roles that will provide them with extensive practical experience in terms of working on a production.

We want to develop and improve the confidence of our students and install in them the belief that their dreams and aspiration can be obtain through preparation, dedication and a passion for their vision.